A Perfect Time for Rendering

With Spring into full force and Summer on the horizon, now is the perfect time to start a rendering project. Rendering the outside of your property is the easiest way to increase its curb appeal by making your home appear refreshed and modern. If your home is less characterful than its neighbours, when it comes to selling up and moving on it may be hard to draw in that needed buyer. Rendering is the perfect solution for plain brickwork or pebble dash finishes.

Whilst rendering can be carried out throughout the year, summer is the best time to complete this type of project as it can quickly dry out thus strengthening the bonding process.

Added Value

Many homeowners focus on the interiors of their home before putting it on the market however something which many people overlook is maximising both their value as well as the saleability of their home through improving the properties exterior. By rendering the property it automatically appears well kept, modern and clean which boasts well for those important first impressions for visitors and buyers. If the exterior of a building looks tired and neglected this can leave potential buyers feeling as though they have to shed out lots of cash to correct the issue.

Make it Your Own

There is a wide selection of coloured render options to suit your taste and property style. Each rendering depicts various shades which change depending on the lighting conditions as well as the change in weather which all add to the character of your home making it truly unique from its neighbours. There are also a number of finish styles from flat renders through to textured finishes.

A Uniformed Look

If you’ve had an extension added onto the side or back of your property, choosing a render option is a great way to finish the project. You can make the new extension stand out so that it juxtaposes the original building or alternatively if you render the whole property you can create a uniformed look. As the render is weather resistant and self-cleaning, it makes the perfect option for a maintenance free solution to your home’s exterior.

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Does Your Property Suffer From:
  • A need to repaint frequently
  • Crumbling mortar
  • Cracked render
  • Damp penetration
  • Hollow areas under render or
  • Pebbledash
  • Dirty / soiled pebbledash
  • Eroded brickwork
  • Algae / mould / moss
  • Surface blemishes and scars
  • Flaking / blistering paint
  • Discoloured / faded paint

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