Damp proofing your home in winter

Damp proofing your home in winter

If you’ve left damp proofing your home until winter, that wasn’t the best idea. Fortunately, it’s not too late for you to damp proof your home before the worst of the weather arrives at this time of year.

So, is damp proofing your home really that important?
It is, although most people don’t do it. If you don’t make the decision to damp proof your home, it can leave your property with structural issues that will be very difficult to solve after they begin. Not only that, but you can end up with damp (obviously, if you don’t damp proof!). So, to keep your house intact and looking brilliant, damp proofing your home really is that important.

Whilst you might not have noticed damp before, there’s no reason that it won’t suddenly strike your property. This is because damp can occur at any time, especially as the weather is becom9ing progressively worse year upon year.
How can you damp proof your home? Fortunately, there’s on quick, easy, long-lasting resolution to any concerns you might have about damp: SecoTHERM, a solution that’s sure to deter any damp from invading your property.

What’s SecoTHERM?
SecoTHERM is the ultimate weather protection for masonry and bricks. It is applied to your walls externally to ensure that they stay dry. SecoTHERM is applied, becoming an invisible layer that doesn’t change the appearance of your home. This then ensures that water cannot penetrate your walls and cause damp inside the property. It also acts to conserve heat as warmth will no longer depart through the walls as fast as it would have done on a previous basis. Despite this, it still guarantees that bricks can ‘breathe’. Research shows that water absorption can be reduced by up to 95% on porous bricks with SecoTHERM – an excellent increase in protection.

Why use SecoTHERM for damp proofing?
Why’s SecoTHERM the perfect option for damp proofing your property? Plenty of reasons, actually; some of which we’re going to expand upon in this blog post.

Proven performance: The reason that you should choose this product to damp proof your property is that it is proven to work over a long period of time. As we mentioned before, on a porous brick, water absorption can be reduced up to and beyond 95%. This means that it’s excellent for ensuring that your property is kept safe in the long run. The reduction in water absorption means that damp can not be caused inside the property.

Prevents heat loss: When water penetrates porous bricks, this results in the heat leaving your property much faster than it previously would have done. If moisture collects in the pores of the wall, more heat leaves than it would if the pores were dry. SecoTHERM prevents moisture from collecting in the pores of the bricks, which then means that when you heat up your house, it will stay warmer than it would have done without the application of SecoTHERM.

Long lasting: Sometimes you pay an eye-watering amount of money for damp prevention to see it only last for one year. SecoTHERM, on the other hand, is a long-lasting solution to the problems that you might be having with damp. The damp proofing effects last for a much longer time than other options.

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