External Render: Why it’s crucial this winter

External Render: Why it’s crucial this winter

Is it us or does winter seem to be colder and more volatile year upon year? We thought you might agree! Whilst this weather is particularly disheartening and unenjoyable, there’s also something else that the weather is going to affect: your house. One way to tackle this head first is to have external render applied to your walls. So, why is external render crucial?

What is ‘external render’?

An external render is a coating that’s applied to the walls of a building. The main aim of this coating is to prevent rain penetration. Without this coating, rain penetration can cause damp. It can also act decoratively to make a building’s appearance more attractive.

Why’s external render crucial?

So, now we’ve explained what external render is, why’s it crucial to you this winter?

External render reason one – aesthetics: One of the main reasons that somebody chooses to render their property is to improve the appearance of the construction. With the outside of the property being the first thing that people see of a house, it’s important to make sure that it looks good. Adding a render coat can really brighten up a wall that looks well past it’s sell by date! An external render gives the opportunity to make the house look fantastic on the outside in one quick, easy step.

Properties come in all shapes and sizes: Some are a disconcerting mix of brick types, some are looking tired from years of exposure to the elements and some just need a hint of colour to make them appealing again. Adding a layer of render can completely change the look of a property.

You can also re-render if you have had your existing render for a long time. This means removing the old render and starting over again on the wall that’s below. If you have painted brickwork, rendering might be a good idea as it removed the need to have to repaint every couple of years.

External render reason two damp: Another popular reason for rendering a property is penetrating damp issues. Some bricks are particularly susceptible to damp so it is important to keep an eye on any bricks that you might think are prone to allowing damp to enter your home. Alternatively, rendering can solve the majority of your issues with damp. Damp externally and internally is particularly unappealing and makes your home look bad so it’s important to solve the issue. And all that is without mentioning the fact damp is potentially dangerous!

Adding a layer of render to your external walls blocks the path of the water so that it can no longer enter your bricks and your home and cause damp.

Despite external rendering sorting most issues when it comes to damp, it’s also best for you to consult an expert about your damp to see if there’s any other resolutions before you take the step of rendering your property as a result. Rendering won’t always be the answer.


Whilst these examples obviously aren’t exhaustive, they’re the two main reasons that external render is crucial for you this winter. Working with an expert renderer is important to make sure that the job is performed to a high standard and resolves the issues that you have.




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