External Rendering: The Benefits

External rendering is essentially a thick protective coating which is applied to the surface of the external wall of a commercial or domestic building.

For many, rendering the external surface of a building is seen as cosmetic however in truth there are many reasons why it is beneficial and is becoming an ever more popular choice for property owners.

Added Protection

One of the main advantages of professional wall coatings is that it provides a property with all year round protection. The harsh UK weather sees frosty mornings come warm spring afternoons in the space of a few hours and this can cause havoc on cracked mortar and gaps in the brickwork on buildings often causing them to crumble and become even larger. This procedure of dampened surfaces becoming quickly dried out with the process repeated time and time again causes the brickwork to become brittle over time and can swiftly lead to structural damage.

By externally rendering a property this will provide the ideal protection and we’re so confident of the quality our Rendacoat product that we offer a 15 year guarantee on all projects we undertake.

Quality Wall Coatings

Previous wall coatings used to focus on insulating the home and locking in the heat for more economical and waste reduction reasons. This brought with it its own set of problems as trapped moisture could not escape which lead to damp penetration and expensive costs to correct these issues.

The latest advances in rendering technologies means that the product has been developed to allow moisture to escape and prevent the build-up eliminating the concern of damp.

An Individual Touch

Many new build properties have the same fascia with some homeowners wanting to add a personal touch to their property. By using external wall coatings you can put your individual stamp on the appearance and give it that extra curb appeal against its neighbours and in most cases add value to the property.

An Energy Saving Solution

Loft and cavity wall insulation is the easiest form of preventing heat escaping from a property. More and more home owners are trying to convert to more energy efficient ways to reduce both their bills and their carbon footprint. External wall coatings provide an extra layer of insulation to the property which can drastically improve your homes energy rating making it hugely cost efficient.

Noise Reduction

Another benefit of external rendering which is often overlooked is the reduction in noise pollution. Most properties are not too far away from a busy road and some a rail track which can become an annoyance especially if you’re trying to sell your home. By adding an additional layer of insulation to the exterior of a building this reduces the noise from inside the building.

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